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Current PAL Facilitator for ACCG2051 (previously BUSL251), practising accountant at Mazars Australia and studying in Macquarie's Accounting Co-op program (Bachelor of Professional Accounting/Bachelor of Professional Practice).

Lessons shall be conducted through Zoom as a result of the developing COVID-19 pandemic.

The subjects (marks included) I will be tutoring are ACCG1000 (98, achieved 2nd in unit), ACCG1001 (89), STAT1250 (84), ACCG2000 (85), ACST1001 (89), ACCG2051 (88), ACCG2050 (86), COMP1300 (89) and ACCG2024 (93).

Why choose me? You will gain a mentor who has a complete, comprehensive understanding of both units, having just completed these units of study. Furthermore, I have 300+ hours of tutoring experience and have been trained at various organisations.

My Prices are:
- For 1 Student: $50 an hour
- For Groups of 2: $35 an hour per person.
- For Groups of 3: $25 an hour per person

The way I teach is tailored to each individual student's needs. I get a gauge for the level you're at, build up your necessary skills and teach you the precise content you need to ace your exams. This will reduce your study load and will help you to get rid of that unnecessary information which will make the unit easier to understand.

I have an abundance of resources and multiple past papers with my own/sample solutions to them. I will also show you how to study smart and effectively, so you can minimise the amount of study time necessary.

If you have any other questions/concerns, please PM me and I will do my best to get back to you ASAP!




Anthony is an excellent tutor!

His teaching style is precise and explains concepts that are easily understood.

Frankie, StudentVIP member
since April, 2020


Anthony is an excellent tutor! He helped me with ACCG200 , i was hard subject before i met him. He helped me understanding the concept and math clearly.. Thank you for helping me pass the subject!!

Bella, StudentVIP member
since January, 2020


I had Anthony last year as a tutor and he helped me a lot with STAT150.

I had trouble grasping some of the content, he made sure that I didn’t leave the session without being certain I knew what I was doing. I highly recommend him as a tutor!

Emma, StudentVIP member
since February, 2017


Anthony is a great tutor! I found STAT150 difficult as some concepts were hard to grasp. Anthony took his time to ensure that all the concepts were explained thoroughly so that I gained a great understanding. I ended up with a Distinction at the end of the semester!

Anna, StudentVIP member
since March, 2019

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