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Hey Guys! My name is Anthony and I currently study in Macquarie's Accounting Co-op program (Bachelor of Professional Accounting/Bachelor of Professional Practice). The subjects I will be tutoring are ACCG100 (received 98) and ACST101 (received 89), which I have just recently completed. Already in my first semester, I am a student ambassador for Macquarie and CA ANZ, a tutor for the HSC (having scored an ATAR of 98) and have received a scholarship for overseas learning by the uni, all whilst achieving a HD WAM, hence I know what it takes to succeed.

Why choose me? You will gain a mentor who has a complete, comprehensive understanding of both units, having just completed both units of study. I understand the stresses and the difficulties of balancing study with extracurricular activities and can help you plan your study in a way that allows you to maintain both commitments.

The way I teach is tailored to each individual student's needs. I get a gauge for the level you're at, build up your necessary skills and teach you the precise content you need to ace your exams. This will reduce your study load and will help you to get rid of that unnecessary information which will make the unit easier to understand.

I also know how to tackle every single quiz and exam in both units, which will be of a similar format for the upcoming semester.
- For ACCG100, I scored 92% in the assignment, and 97% in the in-class exam.
- For Finance, I scored an average of 9/10 for the online quizzes, 100% for the assignment and 90% for the in-class exam.

My specialty is in essay writing, having received a high distinction average for all my assignments thus far. I can help you develop an essay writing style that is easy to read and ensures it meets the requirements of the task.

I have complete sets of notes for both units and multiple past papers with my own solutions to them. I will also show you how to study smart and effectively, so you can minimise the amount of study time necessary.

I can also help with university applications for any opportunity you desire. I have been offered an all expenses paid trip to Kuala Lumpur by the University, as well as multiple cadetship and scholarship offers.

If you have any other questions/concerns, please PM me and I will do my best to get back to you ASAP!




Anthony is a great tutor! I found STAT150 difficult as some concepts were hard to grasp. Anthony took his time to ensure that all the concepts were explained thoroughly so that I gained a great understanding. I ended up with a Distinction at the end of the semester!

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