I'm a UniMelb student studying Business.


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H1 (88)

Average mark


Started uni
~Graduated Honours in Finance with First Class Honours Average (H1)
~FORMER TUTOR at THE UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE for Business Finance FNCE20001 and Finance 1 FNCE10001.
- 6 years of experience!

~[Taking LIMITED number of students!!!]~




"Just read my reviews and you will see!"

- TAUGHT MORE THAN 450+ Students
All achieved excellent results and most achieved H2A above.
- prefers to work the easy, consistent, and fast way rather than doing something over and over again.
- can do once off exam prep during week 11 - week 12
- ongoing support if needed
- weekly or fortnightly tutoring preferred to follow up with students and motivate them
- Guidance and assistance in assignments
- anything to tailor your needs
"H2A above should be achievable if you put in the effort!"!!!!!

Prices are negotiable for some subjects ;)
I achieved all H1s for the subjects I tutor

Can start any time ;)
Prices: $80 - $90


English, Cantonese and Mandarin


Simon tutored me for Investment Management FNCE90056 and Corporate Financial Policy FNCE90018. He's incredibly patient and approachable, and stopped me from going down a rabbit hole with Inv man. With regards to both subjects, he made sure i understood the core material well and tailored his tutoring to the way i study best. I highly recommend Simon as a tutor!

Priya, StudentVIP member
since February, 2018


Simon is an excellent tutor. His knowledge of the content is perfect, and his ability to communicate his knowledge is very strong. In addition to the subject content, Simon provided me with a holistic approach to being a better student, including exam strategies and study methods.

I have no absolutely no reservations in recommending Simon's tutoring to any student with the right attitude. If you are committed to doing well, then I recommend working with Simon.

With Simon's guidance, I achieved a score of 89 in Corporate Financial Decision Making. Prior to working with him, I would have been ecstatic with 75+.

Message him now!

Matthew, StudentVIP member
since February, 2017


Simon is a fantastic tutor. Helped me to achieve an 86 in Investments. Is readily available when you need help and is very kind! Strongly recommended

Ebony, StudentVIP member
since February, 2017


Simon is an outstanding tutor, he gave clear explanations and guidance for principles of finance (got H1). I would not survive this subject without his guidance and support. I would strongly recommend Simon as a tutor if you are looking for a finance tutor as he genuinely assists and provide support for your studies.

Laurensia, StudentVIP member
since July, 2018


Simon is a great tutor, he has helped me to achieve over 90 in one of the subjects.

Recommend to start the semester with him and he could keep you in front of the other students.

Ng, StudentVIP member
since June, 2016


Simon is an amazing tutor. He tutored me in QM1 which I failed the previous semester with a 48, and after work with Simon I received an 82. He has such a calm demeanour and is extremely patient when explaining topics, giving clear examples where necessary. He helped me build my confidence back up after failing a subject, and I now feel a lot more comfortable doing statistics. I couldn't recommend Simon more as a tutor.

Henry, StudentVIP member
since March, 2017


Simon helped me achieve 84 and 82 in Business Finance and Corporate Finance respectively. He explains concepts really well and makes them much easier to understand. He is not only a great tutor, but he also cares for your overall wellbeing generally. Simon also gives great advice in studies and any other issues which you may encounter, which makes him a great friend as well! I strongly recommend anyone needing help in Finance to seek help from Simon :)

Amanda, StudentVIP member
since February, 2016


Simon is not only a great tutor but also a close friend to me!! He tutored me both Corporate Finance and Auditing in semester 2017, helping me to achieve 77 in CF! Pretty sure I can't get it without his help. Simon explained the concepts quite well and taught me some very important exam techniques, helping me to build up my confidence:). I would strongly recommend Simon to other students as you will definitely get a better and deeper understanding of the subject materials!!

Peter, StudentVIP member
since February, 2016


Simon is a great tutor. He knows his content very well. For ARA exam revision, he went through the lectures with me and added value by giving clear examples that helped me remember the content. I would strongly recommend him as a tutor.

Bilal, StudentVIP member
since December, 2015


Simon tutored me for both Corporate Finance and Investments in Semester 1 2017. He was incredibly friendly, responsive and dedicated to my learning. He knew the subjects very well and really helped me build my confidence.

Olivia, StudentVIP member
since February, 2014


Simon is a really great tutor. He helped me about my assignment 1 of OB. After amending my draft as he suggested, I got H1. Relying on his rigorous logic, every part of the assignment makes sense.He definitely knows what the critical elements are in the rubric and how to meet them in detail. Additionally, he has excellent understanding of those subjects.'Learn to love the subject and it comes naturally'. I learned too much from him. We also communicate other study issues. Not only a good tutor he is, but also a friend or guide. So lucky to know him!

Dongfang, StudentVIP member
since February, 2017


Simon is a great tutor, he taught me a more effective way to study corporate finance. Without his help I highly doubt I could obtain a H1. His methods of learning could also be applied to other subjects. I highly recommend him.

Vin, StudentVIP member
since March, 2015


Simon is a great tutor and has a unique ability to really explain topics in their most comprehensible form (something university tutors don't always seem to be able to do). I would recommend Simon to anyone taking second/third year finance subjects, he has taken me from H3's to H1s and I'm confident he can do the same for you.

Chris, StudentVIP member
since March, 2014


I received tutoring from Simon for my third year Finance subjects (Investments and Corporate Finance) starting from Week 2 and I managed to achieve scores of 84 and 89 respectively. It was a huge difference from my Derivative Securities module in which I only scored a mere 61. Simon's teaching skills and methods are really effective and efficient. I strongly recommend everyone to take tuition classes from him as it will be a great benefit to subject grades and also deeper understanding of the study material itself.

Chia Liang, StudentVIP member
since July, 2014


Simon is a very helpful and kind person. He is very patient and is willing to explain concepts until I understands it.

Julia, StudentVIP member
since March, 2014