Hi, I'm Dave!

I'm a RMIT student studying Business.


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"I don't understand what my lecturers/tutors are saying??"
"Business Statistics is hard!"
"I tried learning from the textbook but it doesn't make sense"
"What is normal distribution?"

If your concerns are listed above, then you have come to the right place.

Welcome to my page and thank you for your interest. My tutoring specialises in the first year Business Statistics tutoring for most universities. I have became official tutors for Business Statistics in various universities, such as UNSW, UTS, Sydney University and Southern Cross University.

I have extensive experiences in teaching and learning, primarily in Quantitative subjects. I managed to turn approximately 20 students who have failed Business Statistics and ended up passing the course after taking my tutorials. Three students managed to convert from Fail grade to Distinction grade.

Please text me if you have concerns about Statistics. My advice is don't push it till the last minute :)

I charge $70/hour (and normally, 2 hours per session). If there are 2 people, the rate will be $50/hour/student. No more than 2 people as I want to deliver quality learning.

PS: If your aim is to get me to do your assignment, please move on. My aim is to coach and assist you in the subject, but I do not (and will not) do your assignment for a price.


English, Bahasa Indonesia, Malay, Chinese Mandarin (basic)


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