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Hey there! My name is Sunny, and I am offering a range of tutoring options for level 1 subjects within THE UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE. These subjects can be very useful to you too if you would like to gain an insight into the Business industry of FINANCE and MARKETING:
These include:

Principles of Marketing: MKTG10001

Principles of Finance: FNCE10002

I have previous tutoring experience through Ballarat Grammar School as a VCE English Language tutor (study score of 42 2017), and Grade 7, 8, 9, and 10 Private Mathematics Tutoring. I received an Academic Colours award in 2017, in my last year of VCE in 2017, as well as becoming the top 8 student within my cohort, excelling in subjects such as English Language, Health and Human Development (study score of 41), and Visual Communications and Design (study score of 40).

Achieving an ATAR of 95 and now studying in the Bachelor of Commerce in the University of . Melbourne, I realised I have extreme interest and enjoyment in Essay writing, and realised a hack that I use to receive grades of at least an A in every essay I write.

I can help university students in writing and improving their essays as well as aid in group assignments in the Principles of Marketing through proof-reading and suggestions (online or in person). I will also give you all of my marketing notes that helped me achieve an H1 (high distinction) in this subject. This may be particularity helpful for those who speaks english as their second language. I came from China when I was 6 years old, hence can speak fluent Chinese Mandarin as well as English.

With the Principles of Finance, I too shall provide you with all of my previous tutorial questions and answers, 8 different practice exams and solutions, Principles of Finance text book, 2 complete notes for FNCE10002, and help you with equations and problems you may not understand. I can also help you ace the Mid-semester exam, Assignment, and also End of semester Examinations, and help you achieve an H1 like me :)

I am located in Melbourne CBD during Weekdays, and Ballarat during weekends. I am offering online or in person private tutoring or group tutoring of 2-4 people.


fluent mandarin, fluent english


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