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Hi everyone!
My name is Phuong, but I would like you to call me Phoenix if it is easier to pronounce my name.

Educational background:
I accomplished Bachelor of Commerce in RMIT University in 2014, worked for a year as a teacher assistant in VUS centre in VietNam (teaching IELTS and business subjects in RMIT University) and then completed Master of Teaching Degree in Monash University (Melbourne, Australia) in 2017.
What is more, I have been teaching as a professional tutor in many places for more than 2 years, including Monash University campuses, students' home and Tutoring Centres (Top of the class, Top A education Centre and Foresee Education Centre).

In addition to that, I am able to consult many international students what to study, how to study, how to prepare for their career paths and put all knowledge and skills into practice, which are absolutely vital for their employment and their life in the future.

I am able to teach a wide range of subjects, such as Business Management, Marketing principles, Buyer behavior in Marketing, Marketing Communication, Logistics and Supply Chain, English (general and academic levels - IELTS) and other subjects-related to business/ commerce/management/education.

Teaching styles:
My teaching pedagogy is various and depends on students' abilities and interests, such as incentives, rewards and punishments, modelling, presentations, peer or group discussion, collaborative learning, research and analysis, mind mapping and so on.

I am able to teach in Monash Caufield campus and Monash Clayton campus or I can teach online via different channels like Wechat, skype or facebook.

Tutoring fees and hours:
1 student (single student) = $35 per hour (1 student learn with me).
2 students (peer learning) = $30 per hour
3 to 5 students (many) = $25 per hour

I wish all of my students are able to succeed not only in their academic study, but also pursue their future dreams soon.

I am now available to share my knowledge and skills to all of you.
If you are interested in learning and are ready to conquer everything, please do not hesitate to contact with me.

Warm regards,
Phoenix - Phuong


English, Vietnamese and Chinese


Phuong is a nice and dedicated teacher.She understand the students' need very well. It is a great experience to learn from her.

Alex, StudentVIP member
since May, 2019