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Currently a mature aged Bachelor of Commerce Student majoring in Human Resource Management, I've achieved HD in Fundamentals of Human Resource Management, a Distinction for MWL101 -Personal Insights and an overall Distinction average thus far. I'm driven to help ensure students are ready to apply for the real world.

Prior to returning to studies, I worked in senior management in hospitality, and currently I'm working in HR for one of the World's Largest Automotive Electronic and Technological German Companies. A large part of my role, both past and present, includes drafting job advertisements that are posted to job boards, reviewing resumes and cover letters, short-listing candidates and being part of interviewing candidates through phone screening and face-to-face.

In 2018 T3, I was the student ambassador promoting Deakin Work Integrated Learning, and through this, I have connected well with past teachers and even the Director of Law and Business. In my current workplace, I have embraced the importance of networking, and connecting through the use of professional social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

Having interacted with a large number of individuals, I will be very adaptable and patient towards your learning and ensure you understand the fundamentals of tailoring your resume and cover letter to particular jobs, learn the application of effectively using the STAR technique (especially for your final assessment), and provide you with industry-based knowledge on the recruitment of a role.

I charge a fair price of $40/hr for my tutoring as I will bring all my industry experiences and knowledge, both past and present, to help equip you to have a strong application, not limited to just classroom purposes.

Also, because learning is more effective in teams, bring your friend or two along. The advantage too is being able to practice panel interviewing and learning what questions to ask.

So, if you are serious about receiving first-hand industry knowledge on how to produce a strong, well-tailored resume and cover letter, and learn the interview techniques that will better your chances towards a job you are going for, feel free to contact me, and be tutored in MWL101- Personal Insight or MMH230 Fundamentals of Human Resource Management.




Teck is a fellow Commerce student, majoring in HRM. He is a committed and reliable student, who proactively engages with the material, participates in robust discussion, and is always willing to support others. During class discussion, Teck is able to draw on fantastic real-world examples in HR as well in business more broadly making him accessible to all in the classroom. He is an excellent communicator, encouraging, accommodating, and filled with integrity. I highly recommend Teck as your tutor.

Jasmine, StudentVIP member
since April, 2019


Teck was fantastic for me. Not only did he assist me grasp different areas and levels of content, he was able to adapt and connect at a personal level. He is hard working, driven and passionate about what he does. Teck will bend over backwards for you to ensure you get the best out of your studies, and enjoy it at the same time!

Angus, StudentVIP member
since April, 2019


Teck was an awesome tutor!! Really knowledgeable with heaps of industry experience - he really broke down difficult content and made sure I understood everything before moving forward. He’s really good for getting you on track with your studies!

Katie, StudentVIP member
since April, 2019


Teck was one of my best tutors, he was incredibly driven and seemed really invested in helping me improve my application skills. He’s got a wealth of experience and a really flexible mindset that makes it really easy to learn from him. Would definitely recommend him every time!

Deshan, StudentVIP member
since April, 2019

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