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I'm a recent graduate of a Bachelors of Information Systems and found all the compulsory coding subjects to be interesting and exciting - causing me to pursue a career in programming. I am currently working as a DevOps Engineer.

INFS1609 - 94 (HD) - $70 Per Hour
INFS2605 - 93 (HD) - $75 Per Hour
INFS3634 - 91 (HD) - $85 Per Hour

I have been programming in several languages for over 4 years so I have a good grasp of programming concepts and ways to work out logical problems. My goal is to help you understand the fundamentals behind programming so that you are able to apply these skills by yourself in future courses.

I have tutored students for over 5 years now, so I am well versed in teaching, able to tailor my lessons towards individual topics or problems that you're experiencing when coding yourself. From basics to advanced techniques, I am able to guide you through all of these whilst offering you the best support I have.

For these courses particularly, I will go over course material on a problem by problem basis. Meaning that we look at problems and work backwards at the concepts required.

You can trust that I am well versed in these concepts as I've taken what I've learned and built many websites and applications over the past few years. I have also taught dozens of students since offering my services on StudentVIP and have helped these students achieve significantly increased marks.

I am available to help with assignments and other homework related problems however do be noted that I will normally not give you the answer directly but instead guide you to it. This will require you to come prepared to classes (having attended your lecture/tutorial) and reviewed material so we can make the most out of our time together.

For the first lesson only, half the hourly rate is required up front. Once the first lesson is completed, payment can be made after lesson completion.




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