I'm a Monash student studying Science.


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I'm a second year Science/Global Studies student at Monash so last year I did a variety of topics.

If anyone needs help to clear up theory or concepts I think I can help as I did these subjects recently (2018) so content wise-not much would have changed.

I am able to help with theory/content but also report writing/thesis essay writing tips. Uni is quite assignment heavy so I don't mind providing some tips of grammar/how to make work professional etc.

Everyone learns differently, so I think the first lesson would just be a trial (at a lower rate) and we can see how it goes, if you think I am teaching it in a way you understand, we can continue otherwise there are many other tutors.

Location: Monash (libraries, LTB etc.)

And lastly, these are the grades I got for the following units.
CHM1011: 86 / CHM1022: 89 (sem 1 and 2 2018)
BIO1011: 79 / BIO1011: 77 (sem 1 and 2 2018)
ATS1020: 78 / ATS1873: 70 (sem 1 2018)
ATS2624: 75 / ATS1701: 84 (sem 1 2018)

I am currently doing IMM2011, MIC2011, ATS2086 and ATS2706 if anyone would need help with current concepts of what we are learning, I might be able to help too.


English (fluent), Hindi (Spoken)


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You can find Muskaan listed as a tutor in each of her subjects as well as under;