Hi, I'm Raiyaan!

I'm a UniMelb student studying Arts.


Per hour


Started uni
Third year economics major tutoring first year economics subjects.

I'm good with explaining the logic and intuition behind concepts. If you're struggling to understand a certain topic or need help with something specific, I'm your guy.

As a tutor, I aim to identify knowledge gaps and properly prepare you intuitive way so that you can overcome your weaknesses. I believe in working smarter, so I will pass on useful tips and tricks which will help you study effectively. I have also completed all these subjects within the last year and am familiar with the content and the teaching staff (and their expectations).

I usually tutor around campus, but through lockdowns, I am available for sessions through zoom.

I am available to tutor larger groups of students:
Groups of 2-3: $50/hour
Groups of 4+: $60/hour


English, Bengali, Hindi


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