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I'm a UniMelb student studying Health.


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Hey guys,
I'm currently doing my honours in psychology at the University of Melbourne. I just graduated from a Bachelors of Arts degree with a major in Psychology/ and multiple electives in sociology.

I have received mid-high H1s (80 or above) across all my psychology subjects during my undergrad. In my third year, I graduated with 92 in my capstone and 88-90 across all other psych electives.

I am particularly good at Personality, social, clinical, and cognitive psychology but have done well across all other core and elective psychology subjects.

I am happy to help out with content/ critiquing and formatting essays.

I'm very chill and totally empathise with all the pressure you must be feeling as a student in a competitive degree like psychology! I'm not very rigid in my teaching style but always emphasise the need to focus on the basic elements before building on knowledge as those are the most important to come back and refer to when understanding concepts. This has always helped me in critiquing theories and models and drawing links between concepts thrown at us! While I'm here to help you and guide you in the best way I can- I'm not here to feed you answers. Instead, I hope to help you arrive at them on your own as that is what will take you forward in your studies.

I'm happy to meet at campus/ hold a skype session.
I will always be upfront about my capacity to help you and will refer you to another tutor if I feel I am not the best fit for your current requirements.

Hit me up if you need any tutoring!




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