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I am currently a Monash student in the Masters of Teaching program specialising in Biology and Chemistry. I plan on using various techniques to engage my students while teaching such as asking them questions to clarify concepts or using various techniques to explain the same concept. I am extremely patient as well as helpful and I also appreciate the fact that different students learn at a different pace. As a tutor, not only can I help students with tasks such as their homework or preparation for exams, but also guide them with projects while helping them analyse the same concept in different ways. I can tutor from Monash University (Clayton campus), my home or even the student's house.


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During my time as a student at Clark University, I struggled with Introduction to Chemistry. Fortunately, Clark held tutoring sessions in chemistry and Rutvi was the best tutor there. She could answer any of my questions, big or small. She used the blackboard to practice problems with me so that I would feel prepared for my quizzes and exams. We practiced as many problems as I needed in order to feel comfortable and independent on my own. I admire how patient and committed she was to my success. If it weren’t for a Rutvi, I would not have passed chemistry. She even agreed to tutor me outside of normal tutoring hours. She helped me understand concepts in other classes such as Anatomy & Physiology and Biology. I am confident that Rutvi would make an excellent teacher based on my tutoring experience with her. I highly recommend her to be a tutor for anyone who needs help!

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since March, 2019

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