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Hi, I am Ankith. I am a third year student doing Mechanical Engineering with Science (Advanced Mathematics). I am a down to earth, friendly person who wants to share his knowledge.
I am a high achieving student with a HD wam. I have received Vice Chancellor Scholarship, Academic Merit prize and Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering Junior Prize for Outstanding Proficiency. You can find me here (https://sydney.edu.au/about-us/our-story/prizes-and-honour-roll.html)

I can help you out with
MATH1002, MATH1111, MATH1011, MATH1013, MATH 1021, MATH1902, MATH1921, MATH1014
I can also help you out with fundamental, regular and Advanced First year physics.

I believe that problem solving is an art. I will help you develop the tools for problem solving. With the right tools, I can help you develop your own logic for problem solving. Clear conceptual understanding of certain fundamental topics can help solve a lot of issues.

Price: $40/Hour per student
I can give a discount for group classes.

If you feel interested, feel free to contact me. We can discuss about your concerns and decide if I am the right choice for you


Engish, Hindi


Ankith helped me with the Math1111 unit at USYD.
He was honestly amazing! I have been out of education for 8 years and math was never my strong point. With my new studies there was a lot of pressure to pass this unit in order to succeed in my course. I started tutoring with Ankith around the 2nd week of semester right until my exams. I had no confidence, next to no knowledge on calculus and was terribly anxious about failing. Ankith was incredible in keeping me calm, helping with my confidence and his teaching! He’s the most patient, coolest, talented dude.
I passed my exam with a distinction! And if that isn’t enough to explain how good he is then I don’t know what else is!?

Meg, StudentVIP member
since February, 2020


Ankith is a very well educated person and understand the subject matter extremely well. He helped clear up many difficult maths concepts to me and explains in an easy to understand manner. He will definitely be able to help you in your studies.

Chintan, StudentVIP member
since March, 2019


Ankith has helped me in the MATH1011 course, by lesson one I understood all the content that was covered in four lectures, in only an hour and a half! He makes complex maths problems easy to understand and apply. He also takes the time and effort to make sure you understand and are confident with everything that has been covered. If anyone is struggling in maths, or is a bit rusty from year 12, I highly recommend Ankith as a tutor and mentor!

Sarah, StudentVIP member
since March, 2019