I'm a UNSW student studying Science.


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I am studying data science and also mathematics education.

Why do I teach? I enjoy helping students in their journey to achieve their scholastic goals and/or overcome their difficulties in understanding concepts. It is a pleasure to see them also acquire improved marks in their class after helping them go through their struggles in learning. Seeing how pressure and stress is relieved within families when kids are able to get ahead with their studies is also an achievement for me.

How do I teach? It is important to help the student build their confidence in their learnings especially as an independent individual, so that they can face other struggles they encounter over and beyond the classroom and private tuition they receive. I work hard with the student to help them identify their weaknesses, so they can understand where they should improve. I believe in hard work to achieve results, so I encourage my students to work on as many different problem sets or other types of tasks in order to gain mastery of a topic.

My Qualifications: I am an experienced Maths tutor with a background in Mathematics in both academia and industry with 20+ years experience doing teaching and research in Mathematics. I have extensive experience as a mathematical biologist, hence I am able to assist in learning biology and other general science concepts.

When and where do I teach? I am available on weekdays from 11am-9pm and weekends 8am-9pm. I prefer to teach students at my home office, as I have a vast collection of resources available at arms reach to the students' advantage. In extraordinary circumstances (e.g. multiple students, longer hours of tutoring required) I am able to consider coming to your home. I can also meet in agreed locations (e.g. university or public libraries and schools) where facilities are suitable.




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