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I'm a USYD student studying Law.


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BCOM / LLB | HD WAM (86.6)| 99.7 ATAR | 3 years tutoring experience

I am currently studying a Bachelors of Commerce and Law at the University of Sydney with a WAM of 86.6. I have extensive experience in providing one-on-one tutoring services (for high school students and university students), in addition to group coaching classes.

I pride myself on my methodical and creative style of teaching. Having tutored many students across different ages and ability levels, I have been able to adapt my teaching methods to best suit the needs of the student and have a proven track record of improving my students' results and capabilities. I provide worksheets and other learning materials (including notes), in addition to assisting students with their tutorial questions.

I received the following grades in each of my Commerce and Law degrees:

Commerce and other subjects:

BUSS1040 (Economics for Business Decision Making) - HD - 94
BUSS1020 (Quantitative Business Analysis) - HD - 92
BUSS1030 (Accounting, Business and Society) - HD - 87
CLAW1001 (Foundations of Business Law) - HD - 88
PHIL1012 (Introductory Logic) - HD - 99

Law subjects
LAWS1006 (Foundations of Law) - D - 77
LAWS1012 (Torts) - D - 83


English, German


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