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Hey! I graduated from the Bachelor of Science majoring in Human Structure and Function in 2018 with a H1 WAM and am currently a second year Doctor of Optometry student at The University of Melbourne.

I’ve had previous tutoring experience with a tutoring company in Melbourne which has helped me develop a teaching style that is very patient and understanding so I will be suited towards your needs and will help you prepare for mid semester tests/assignments/exams. I am more than happy to share my tips and any past papers so feel free to come with any questions or topic you would like explained/clarified.

I ensure that you are in control of what you would like to learn and can adapt to your needs at all times. I will explain and show you how I approach and tackle the most likely questions that may be asked in mid semester tests/exams so that you can be best prepared (as I will advise you on what you need to revise based on my past experience as I have written down the actual questions and answers to MSTs on my laptop).

I’m flexible as to where the tutoring sessions (individual or group sessions) are held, such as anywhere on campus at uni, in the city or I am happy to come to where you are if that’s more convenient for you. I’m available everyday of the week and I’ll share all my resources that I’ve found particularly useful so that you can succeed in your subjects.

I have lots of easy to understand notes with key information, summarised lecture content, exam style questions and can review/give feedback for assignments as I am highly committed to helping you achieve your goals!

My subject scores for offered subjects:
PSYC20006 Biological Psychology: 87
ANAT20006 Principles of Human Structure: 85
PHYS20009 Research-Based Physiology: 86
PHRM20001 Pharmacology: How Drugs Work: 95
PATH20001 Exploring Human Disease - Science: 92
MUSI20150 Music and Health: 89
PATH30001 Mechanisms of Human Disease: 85
PATH30003 Frontiers in Human Disease: 83