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Last year I finished a Masters of Science in mathematics and statistics with a WAM of 89.25, an average mark within my specialisation (pure mathematics) of 91.7 and I also won the Professor Wilson prize for the best thesis in pure and applied mathematics. I have also worked as a tutor for the second year real analysis class for the past 3 years. Last semester I also tutored Calculus 2 and Accelerated Mathematics 1, and this semester I am tutoring Linear Algebra and Group Theory & Linear Algebra. Between this and private tutoring, I have plenty of experience.

I personally prefer a more conceptual approach to education, though I am flexible enough to meet the needs of the individual student. I will be able to create custom question sheets with worked answers and help you with understanding concepts that you've found confusing in your classes. I'm also available online and via text if you have any questions that can't wait for another session.

I can tutor any pure math subject in undergraduate. This includes both calculus 1 and 2, linear algebra, real analysis, vector calculus, group theory and linear algebra, third year algebra, geometry and metric & hilbert spaces. I attained a H1 in all of these subjects with the sole exception of group theory and linear algebra, where I got a mark of 76. As examples of later abstract algebra classes I took, I attained an 87 in representation theory, 96 in commutative algebra and 100 in groups, categories and homological algebra. So I can assure you I have a very thorough understanding of this course, despite my sub-H1 mark.

I'm also happy to do group sessions, but in this case I'd prefer to negotiate my hourly rate on a case-by-case basis.




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