I'm a ANU student studying Science.


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Started uni
- BSc (Psychology), MSc (Org Psych)
- UAI (old ATAR) 99.75
- HD average
- Over 10 years' tutoring experience
- Multiple award winner
- Recipient of prestigious academic scholarship.

Hi, my name is Rachel and I'm a highly experienced online psych tutor. I have a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) from the Australian National University (2012) and a Master of Science (Org Psych) with Distinction from the University of Leicester, UK (2015). In the HSC, I got a UAI (old ATAR) of 99.75. During my time at the ANU, I held an ANU National Merit Scholarship (academic scholarship) and received the Judith A. Slee Prize for Scientific Writing in Psychology. I've been tutoring students in psychology and related disciplines for over 10 years now. Since studying, I have been working as an academic and also spent some time working as a senior management consultant.

I have recently shifted from offering online tutoring and assignment review services to offering assignment review services only. While my specialty is psychology, I have extensive experience reviewing assignments from a range of disciplines including business, nursing, and criminology. If your report or essay is written in APA style (6th or 7th ed) or you're just looking to receive some general feedback against the marking criteria or want your assignment proofread, I can review it!

Please contact me if you would like me to review your assignment! Review options include:
• Providing feedback against the marking criteria
• Proofreading the assignment
• Providing APA referencing feedback (6th or 7th ed.)
• Providing APA formatting or general report/essay formatting feedback

I can also provide feedback on the appropriateness of statistics used, the appropriateness of chosen statistical tests, and on questionnaire construction. Cost: $74.95 per hour. Turnaround time: Weekdays: 24 hours. Weekends: 48 hours (+25% for 24 hours but please check with me first!). One hour sufficient for 1500 word papers, 1.5-2 hours recommended for 2500 word papers (but one hour fine if happy with less detailed feedback).