Hi, I'm Aditya!

I'm a UniMelb student studying Health.


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Started uni
I will be starting the Doctor of Optometry in UniMelb this year(2019) .

I secured a high distinction in my final 2 years of my Bachelors of Science which helped my secure a place in the OD program.

I have developed a style of study which allowed me to consolidate all the lectures into a concise study material. I can assist you with the style that I adopted. I also have all my notes in electronic format.

I can conduct the tuitions from the State Libraries or Brownless BioMedical Library or the Baillieu Library.
For Groups (2+) - $25 per hour
For Individuals - $35 per hour

My marks are as under:

Principles of Human Structure - 82%
Human Locomotor Systems - 84%
Viscera & Visceral - 89%
Exploring Human disease - 85%
Mechanisms of Human disease - 87%
Frontiers in human disease - 87%
Visual Neuroscience - 84%


English, Spanish, Tamil


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