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Hi, my name is Karise. I’m 44 and I graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor of Social Work (Honours 2A). My degree areas of specialisation were psychology, child welfare, and justice however I have built a career in child protection, investigations, and vulnerable adolescent work.

I’m happy to provide evidence of my fab D/HD grades to give you a level of comfort in my knowledge and skills. I received a High Distinction for my honours thesis which focused on the contemporary online vulnerabilities of young people in Australian residential care. I have also completed a Graduate Certificate of Intelligence Analysis with a Distinction, and many industry relevant courses.

My academic knowledge base:
- any of the Social Work or Social Science subjects
- core Psychology/Mental Health subjects
- social work/social science theory (9 years study)
- child protection (9 years study)
- intelligence & analysis (current post grad)
- critical literature review (honours thesis)

My employment experience:
- social work & child welfare theory
- casework (1.5 years)
- child sexual exploitation (6 years)
- child protection (6 years)
- public policy (9 years)
- child protection investigations (5 years)
- juvenile justice (2 years between JJ and FACS)
- Commonwealth & NSW public service (9 years)
- project management (11 years), and
- preparation of briefs/reports/submissions and ministerials (10 years).

I have loads of critical writing experience in both studies and work and I have a lot of experience teaching and mentoring adults in the workplace as well!

I can help you with:
- assignment prep & review of drafts
- exam prep
- helping theories to make sense
- using theories in practice
- communication skills
- learning how to read and write critically, and
- preparation of succinct yet comprehensive essays/assignments that specifically address the question.

- Skype/email/phone - anywhere in the world! (I completed undergrad and post grad all via distance so I am pretty good at this!)

Rates (excluding GST):
- $40 1hr session
- $70 2hr session
- $100 3hr session

LOYALTY BONUS 10% discount after 10 sessions completed.
REFERRAL BONUS 1hr session free if you refer any new students my way (once they have completed/paid for their first session).

I’m pretty down to earth and super passionate about study so I’ll always be motivated and supportive to help you achieve your goals! Contact me if you want to chat about how I can help you.





Karise is an absolute superstar and I could not imagine succeeding at Uni without her. Karise somehow manages to keep me on track with the whole assessment process, providing support at every step - planning through to submission. Karise is a very skilled academic writer which has been really helpful when trying to structure assignments and fine tune drafts. Working with Karise has definitely resulted in a significant increase to my grades! I highly recommend trying her!

Isabella, StudentVIP member
since July, 2019


I found Karise to be a fantastic support in helping me with my studies. Very engaging and down to earth, highly recommend :) Many thanks, Chris.

Chris, StudentVIP member
since June, 2017