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My professional background includes over 6 years experience as an expert and consultant in industry with a focus on quantitative analysis.

My teaching style is focused on pragmatism, but with a strong grounding in the theory. I focus on giving you a strong foundation in the basics, which you can then extend more easily to reality. I can help you with the thinking and the doing as I'm highly proficient in Excel, R, Python and a range of statistical packages e.g. SPSS.

My academic and teaching experience includes working professionally for a number of tuition businesses at the high-school and university level, as well as helping over 100 private students pass and ace their university subjects in Finance, Statistics, Econometrics and Mathematics.

I have won subject prizes and achieved High Distinctions in the areas that I teach. My students have a 100% pass rate and most achieve High Distinctions, with even having achieved subject prizes and top of cohort marks.

I have double degrees in Actuarial Studies (Macquarie) and Music Performance (Adelaide) and am currently studying a Masters in Science (Statistics) at UQ.


My specialty is in university-level tutoring and support for academics doing research. I focus on the highest quality teaching and support, and aim to help my students and researchers achieve the highest level of understanding and achievement possible.

The types of support and tutoring I specialise in are described below:

Finance - Financial Mathematics, Derivatives, Portfolio Theory and Risk Management (All Years)

Statistics - Fundamental to Advanced Statistics, Econometrics and Probability theory (All Years)

Economics - Introductory Micro/Macro Economics, Mathematical Economics, Quantitative Methods

I also provide services to PHD candidates and academic researchers to provide statistical advice around methodology, approach and results interpretation


I cater to a variety of lesson styles, which include:

Format: 1-1 or Group Lessons
Delivery Method: Online only
Timing: Regular sessions or once-off exam or assignment support




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