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Hi! I'm a 3rd year B.Sci electrical systems major at Unimelb.

I've taken part as a volunteer for many mentoring and tutoring opportunities where I've discovered a few techniques that help students learn better.

As your tutor, I would tailor my teaching style to you specifically. For concepts, I'd use mind maps, diagrams, and analogies to help you understand. I'm happy to aid in exam preparation as well.

I enjoy sharing my study tips as well should you like to hear about them.

I am open to tutor at the Parkville Campus and the State Library. Should you like to have a group tutorials, we can negotiate the rate.

I look forward to hearing from you!




Kelvin was a good tutor for ENGR10003. He is clear in explaining, he stops the class when the student understands what has been taught, not when times up. He is also responsive and flexible in tutoring times. He is helpful and passionate about the subject as he will prepare in advanced before giving a lesson. The only bad thing that happened was that he couldn't allocate a tutoring session towards the end of semester when I needed help for mechanics as he himself had an exam, but that's more of the uni's fault for giving us additional content on lectures, workshops, assignments, and having the FINALS on the same week. ENGR10003 was badly run and this outcome was inevitable. Overall, would recommend Kelvin. I hope I get a H1.

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