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MAThs + staTS = MATT(’)S tutoring!

Hello! I'm Matt, and I run Matt’s tutoring: for maths, stats, economics and computer science. I have tutored for over five years, and hold an 80+ WAM studying Data Science, and a 99+ ATAR from high school.

I am available to tutor in the city or at a suitable university (UNSW, USyd, UTS or other nearby institutions in the CBD) for minimum one-hour, one-on-one or group sessions, by appointment.

I tutor in a way that ensures students properly digest the fundamentals, making all future content much easier and more satisfying to study.

I believe that too many people are merely taught how to do problems, without understanding why their methods work, or where they come from. Mathematics, statistics and their applications, all too often are viewed as blind manipulations of symbols on a page.

With me, you'll realise quickly that this is anything but the case! My tuition prioritises the "why", as I believe the "how" is an easy logical consequence, once you understand “why”.

I won't make you memorise a sequence of steps – computers will always outpace you!

Instead, I'll train you to understand what underlies your subject, and thereby, think for yourself and learn how to learn, which is the ultimate goal of an education. And trust me, improved marks follow easily from this!

Five years of tutoring in various capacities. High distinction university average in maths and stats subjects. Plenty of experience in writing code in C, R, Python and more.

I can teach up to third-year in various subject areas, such as
- fundamentals of statistics, linear models (regression, econometrics), Bayesian inference
- fundamentals of calculus
- linear algebra
- cryptography (ciphers) and codes
- microeconomics (first year)
- game theory
- introductory programming
- data structures and algorithms
And more! (I am open to requests.)

“Work smarter, and not just harder.”