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I'm a UniMelb student studying Arts.


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Hello! I'm currently a third year psychology and anthropology student at Melbourne University that is aiming to study psychology further. I am available to help you with essay/lab report writing and go over content for exams.

I am also available to proofread essays/ lab reports in both anthropology and psychology subjects. (face to face or over email/docs)

I can teach in Russian as well :) and offer tutoring for those who want to learn/practise their Russian or are studying Russian at uni.

I'm flexible and willing to adjust my teaching style to target your needs.

I can meet in the library, at the student's home, over skype/email or close to Melbourne CBD.

As my rate is already set low ($20 ph), my base rate is $20. If a session runs shorter than an hour, I will count future help as part of that.


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Yara is an awesome tutor! she is responsive, patient and always give very constructive advice. I got H1s for my lab reports for Developmental and Biological psych and I can not do that without her help.

Most importantly, Yana not only give advice on how to improve on specific points in a specific lab report, but how you can improve writing lab reports in general, most importantly, how to think and look at studies and theories critically.

Having a tutor does not mean you lose that originality of your work. On the contrary, Yara always try to understand my perspective of the topic, help me to develop my ideas further, eventually make myself amazed at the improvement i have on the way i think and perceive issues in psychology.

Please choose Yara to reduce that cortisol level :)

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since February, 2018