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Hello! I'm currently doing honours in Psychology at University of Melbourne. I have completed a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and Anthropology) at UoM last year and am very passionate about both disciplines! I am available to tutor any undergraduate psychology and anthropology subject and have experience offering academic writing assistance in other areas.

I am available to proofread essays/ lab reports (face to face or over email/docs).

I can help with writing expression - editing spelling, grammar, and APA formatting, as well as helping you write more clearly and concisely to answer the marking criteria. I offer feedback and suggestions on the structure and flow of arguments.
-My rates depend on urgency:
- $10 per 1000 words (5 days turnaround)
- $20 per 1000 words (72 hour turnaround)
- $35 per 1000 words (within 24 hours)

I'm flexible and willing to adjust my teaching style to target your needs.

I can meet in the library, at the student's home, over skype/email or close to Melbourne CBD.

As my rate is already set low ($25 ph), my base rate is $25.


English, Russian


Yana is an excellent tutor. She is open-minded and eager to help you understand the potential areas where you could improve. More importantly, she has a mental image of her students’ progress. This trait is evident in the feedback that you’ll get from her, and not only does this help you hone your skills, but it also provides positive reinforcement that is vital to a student’s motivation. Moreover, she is accessible almost every day, and you are expected to get a timely response whenever you need to ask her a question.

After working with Yana, the marks that I previously struggled to reach became a lot easier to achieve. Her guidance on proper study skills and notetaking are helpful, especially for someone who is not highly conscientious, such as myself. Furthermore, she provided resources such as “owl Purdue” or Anki to help out in revising the content of each lecture.

I am quite fortunate to have met her and for her to assist me in my current academic endeavour.

If you have been struggling to get the marks that you wanted, I would highly recommend getting in touch with Yana.

Francis, StudentVIP member
since January, 2020


Yana is a great tutor. She is really supportive, responsible, and very knowledgable. She is flexible with time as well. She thoroughly explains the important concepts well. 100% recommend!

Li, StudentVIP member
since April, 2019


Yara is an awesome tutor! she is responsive, patient and always give very constructive advice. I got H1s for my lab reports for Developmental and Biological psych and I can not do that without her help.

Most importantly, Yana not only give advice on how to improve on specific points in a specific lab report, but how you can improve writing lab reports in general, most importantly, how to think and look at studies and theories critically.

Having a tutor does not mean you lose that originality of your work. On the contrary, Yara always try to understand my perspective of the topic, help me to develop my ideas further, eventually make myself amazed at the improvement i have on the way i think and perceive issues in psychology.

Please choose Yara to reduce that cortisol level :)

Carol, StudentVIP member
since February, 2018