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Hi, my name is Shannon 🙂

I'm a 2017 graduate from the Bachelor of Teaching w. Distinction (Birth to five years). Like many of you, I was a distance student and am offering email or online chat tutoring support (Facebook Messenger) to help with your study and heavy student workload.

I graduated with Distinction and was on the Executive Dean's list for 2017. I also won the 2017 prize for Professional Experience. I can provide flexible tutoring to help you understand and best meet the requirements of your assessments.

I currently work full time in the EC sector and have over 24 years experience so I can offer insight into your subject matter as it applies to the work.

Cost is negotiable dependant on your deadline and the subject difficulty, but is generally $35-45 per hour.
Cost for time blocks are as follows:

- $75 for initial 2 hours of tutoring support including email replies or alternatively online chat time if you prefer real time support.
- $100 for 3 hours tutoring support, same method as above.

Any further support costs will be determined depending on what's required. If you require a large block of time for full subject duration support, costs can be negotiated.

I look forward to hearing from you, Shannon.




Shannon is a great tutor. I am really happy with her support.

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since September, 2020