Hi, I'm Hannah!

I'm a Monash student studying Science.


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I’m a second-year student completing a Bachelor of Science and a Diploma of Languages (Japanese). I have been studying Japanese for eight years now, including a year in Japan before commencing my studies at Monash. I also offer tutoring for chemistry as it is the science subject I perform best in.

I can help with whatever you feel you need to work on, whether it be kanji, grammar or even JLPT preparation. I can also adjust to the learning style you feel best suits you.

I have a strong understanding of the concepts presented in first year chemistry. My background in physics and maths helps with a lot of the more complex material, which I can explain and simplify if this is something you struggle with.

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I am available to meet up on campus (Clayton) or somewhere else that's convenient for both of us. Standard is $25 per hour for an individual but I'm more than happy to negotiate for small groups. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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Hannah has been my best friend for over 6 years now and honestly, she is an amazing tutor. I take Japanese as well and she has helped so much with grammar etc. Worth the time taken and money spent for sure. She's also a humourous person that will make sure the things you want clarified are reviewed but in a fun way!

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