Hi, I'm Arda!

I'm a UQ student studying IT.


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Considered best private tutor in UQ by many students. Tutored over 380 students past 4 years including around 170 students on StudentVip platform. Currently I am super flexible and also able to help students online using video conferencing tools and screen sharing.

I am able to complete 2310 assignments in few hours, so I can teach you the hardest subject much faster than any other tutor. Other tutors do not finish what they start, I am cool and flexible would never leave you half-way. If you don't have money but you still need help? I can also do that. I do this to help students because I love teaching programming.

I do group discount, group students pay only 5$ extra, doesn't matter how many extra students it is always only 5$ extra cost, not X times 5.