Hi, I'm Disha!

I'm a UNSW student studying Law.


Per hour


Started uni
Current Distinction JD student at UNSW.

Bachelor of Commerce & Bachelor of Laws (First Class Honours) from India.
1 year experience as a solicitor in India |
1 year experience as a law tutor |
JD/PG Mentoring Director, UNSW Law Society |
Shack Tutor at Arc UNSW

One-on-one or group tutoring. Meetings can be online or in person (UNSW Kensington or CBD preferred).
Available on Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Free initial call to discuss tutoring needs.

Tutoring sessions are for all UG/JD students. They can be for one or more of the following needs:

1. General understanding of the course
Discuss the nature of the course and plan on how to prepare for it (i.e., strategies, notes, textbooks, etc.)

2. Class readings
Comprehensive reading notes and improve understanding of the readings.
You may also send me specific questions or areas of difficulties in advance, so I prepare an answer for them.
Focus on improving confidence and knowledge to help with class participation.

3. Assessments
Initial discussion on how to start the assessment and what strategies to follow. Issue spotting and relevant application of principles.
Subsequent assignment review(s).

4. Exams
Strategies on how to prepare for the exam.
I may be able to provide exam notes.
Going through past exams.
General help putting the various components of the course into perspective (especially important for Principles of Public Law).

5. General analytical, language, and writing skills

Notes can also be provided at a discounted rate for all listed courses.


English, Hindi, Gujarati


Disha help me with a really hard assignment and she have that magic to make it so easy. I'm enjoy the time work with her. Highly recommend!

Tina, StudentVIP member
since March, 2019


Disha is such a positive, energetic and knowledgeable woman. She is very responsive and makes the questions so easy to solve. She is the best.

Samar, StudentVIP member
since March, 2017


Disha has the ability to transform difficult text into easy concepts that are simple to remember. Her notes are excellent and perfect for revision before exams.

Chet, StudentVIP member
since July, 2018