Hi, I'm Jorja!

I'm a RMIT student studying Science.


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Hi :)

I'm completing my Honours degree in Psychology at RMIT. Last year, I completed the Bachelor of Criminology and Psychology at RMIT, with distinction. This means that I obtained either a Distinction or High Distinction in every core psychology and criminology subject.

My teaching style is enthusiastic, supportive, and focused. I believe that constructive feedback and praise are important in promoting learning and skill development. In addition to being very responsive to emails, I am flexible to tailor my approach to your individual needs and preferred method of learning. I will typically return your work the same day as receiving it, or the next day, though this can depend on the volume of help needed.

As a tutor, I can help with many different facets of your work. I can read through your draft essays, reports, and answers, and provide fast, constructive feedback on how you can improve your mark. I can also correct spelling, grammatical, and structural errors, whilst leaving comments to explain errors so that you can avoid these in the future.

All of my assistance is currently provided online - depending on your preferences and my availability, this can include communication via email, Whatsapp, and Zoom. Zoom calls will usually only be needed if there are certain concepts related to your assignment question or instructions that you don't understand.

My hourly rate is $25, which is approximated to 15 minutes and $6.25 per page of written work that you present for review. For example, this means that if you have a report that is 3 pages in length (excluding the title page), I will charge $18.75 and spend approximately 45 minutes scrupulously combing through your work. This will allow me to provide detailed feedback, highlight all areas that need your attention, and correct general errors. Any further questions seeking clarification of specific aspects of my feedback will be answered promptly for no extra charge.




Jorja is a kind, patient and thorough teacher. She has helped me understand, plan and edit many assignments and I received positive feedback and higher marks that I for sure wouldn't have got without her help. Things that I wouldn't have known to think about, like how long my sentences were, grammar, proper spelling, how to start and end paragraphs, and even how to understand what was being asked of in me assignments, she took time to review my work and send it back to me with detailed feedback and suggestions and corrections. Recommend Jorja, she's a good friend and a good teacher!

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since November, 2019