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I'm a USYD student studying Health.


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Hi I am Sandy
I have been a nurse for over 30 years. I am studying Health Sciences Nutrition and Exercise (new course) at Unisa - I transferred / stopped registered nursing Flinders nursing a few years ago as I decided I am fine with my enrolled nursing work and I have since found a strong interest in nutrition sciences. While I am studying and working, I am hoping to help you with the practical aspects of becoming a nurse. I currently work with an academic who can also assist you and does help many students and we have noticed that there is a gap with student's practical understandings. I am available for help over googledocs and google hangouts, and also by email and phone. I can also be seen in Maylands in the office that has been well set up for students - however mostly I am now in Adelaide. My areas of specialty are - dementia care, elderly care, diabetes, stoma care, family dynamics, conflict resolution, team leadership (politics in health care settings), pain management, palliative care, dealing with grief, death and dying, incontenance issues, cancer, confidentiality and documentation, and basically anything of pracitcal significance that can assist you. I am here to help. All the best with your studies.




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