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I'm a UWA student studying Law.


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LLB/LP (hons) IMDT, MHumNut, BSc (hons) [part PhD - but have withdrawn for now]
I am an online tutor google docs and voice unless you are in SA. $77 Price incl GST and I will accept 1-3 online or in my office for the session. I also run very inexpensive 'classes' for case reading.. on topics. please contact me to see my site
I lecture in 2 online topics. I am an APD Dietitian registered with DAA. I have Masters of Dietetics and Masters of Human Nutrition, and a Bachelor of Science with an honours in Immunology. I currently run my own practice part time as a dietian and academic educator. I have previous experience and qualifications as a solicitor (accepted in 2006) with LLB/LP (hons). I have been teaching very many different law topics for nearly 12 years. I have taught many classes of students mostly law students for law topics, but also post- grad medical students, nursing and allied health students with law, ethics and Aboriginal cultural safety. But also a good deal of health science topics, plus science related topics including forensics (one on one). I coordinate an online course at UniSA and teach at various universities around Australia. I enjoy teaching and helping students upskill with legal research and legislative interpretation. I can look after groups of 1 to 3 people for $77 an hour including gst or just a person alone in my office at Maylands or online via google docs and phone. I can tutor larger groups (generally increases in cost by approx $10 an hour). Feel free to jot me a line. I will get back to you to chat what it is that you might need to upskill. (Just to note, I can not assist you with any courses that I am currently marking in).




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