StudentVIP Textbooks helps students buy and sell hundreds of thousands of textbooks each year, saving students a heap of money.

Generally when possible you'll want to consider meeting on campus, where you can exchange your textbook and cash in person. However if you're transacting with a member from another campus or even another state, this can be difficult.

How should I ship my textbooks?

We generally recommend that you use a service provided by Australia Post called Cash on Delivery. The seller will send the textbook from their local post office and then the buyer will pay for the textbook when they pick it up from their local post office. They are not able to collect the textbook until they have paid for it, and then the buyer will receive their money.

Cash on Delivery protects both the buyer and seller; the buyer will have the textbook in their hand as soon as they pay for it and the seller can be sure that they will get the money. While it does cost a little extra to ship this way, it provides peace of mind for both parties.