3 years ago

5 May, 2015

Swinburne University George Building

Organised by:
Swinburne Fundraising Club

Tuesday 5th May to Friday 8th May

There will be volunteers on a donation table outside THE GEORGE also collecting GOOD CONDITION clothing from anyone who is able to donate.

if you, your friends, your family, ANYONE? were thinking it's time for a Winters clean out - get cracking and bring in any clothes you no longer want that could be suited to others- to the table.
There should always be someone there between 7am and 6pm. If you have trouble finding us contact :
Lauren 0449 292 873.

The clothing received will then be sorted and priced for a SECOND HAND CLOTHING STALL
the following Monday 11th May : Link for event : https://www.facebook.com/events/895112857176547/

Please spread the word and share this event!

Money Raised at this event will go to our 2 nominated organisations:

Seven Women: pledging that over these next 3 months every cent being raised is going straight into sourcing supplies, feeding and bedding those directly affected. No administration fees taken out. You are able to be updated day to day through their Facebook page on where the money is going and exactly what they are working on.

Australian Red Cross: Swinburne currently has affiliations with aid workers on site in Nepal, and with the amazing work that red cross does and is doing, we are thrilled to be helping this amazing organisation.

If you are unable to make it and looking for any organisations or know of people who are weary to donate as they don't know where there money is going- we can completely guarantee that these two organisations are amazing, will do exactly as they say and all funds raised are working towards helping the amazing people of Nepal through this time.

Please spread the word and show your support!