2 years ago

19 November, 2015

Melbourne CBD

Organised by:
Vietnamese International Students

Hi and welcome to our most amazing event yet, the Swinburne Rush !

This year we go all out by collaborating with our friends from Malaysia (MSA), Indonesia (PPIA Swinburne) and Vietnam (VISS @ Swinburne) to deliver a race that’s one of a kind.

The Swinburne Rush is an amazing race style race with elements from Mario Kart and Running Man.
...this means you can use Mario Kart items to attack other teams! For example, a Banana to slow them down, a Shell to increase their game difficulty etc. It’s going to be INTENSE ;)

So join us on a Thursday afternoon in one of the most exciting races yet and experience the thrill of competing against other teams to reach the finishing line first.

Stay tuned for teasers and more game details!

Also, don't forget to check out our pages in the meantime:
VISS : https://www.facebook.com/visswinburne?fref=ts
PPIA : https://www.facebook.com/PPIA-Swinburne-1034861983202457/
MSA : https://www.facebook.com/msaboleh
Event details:
- 19th November 2015
- 10AM - 4PM
- Checkpoints within the Free Tram Zone of Melbourne CBD.
- Games that are FUN as hell !
- Clues, Puzzles, Challenges and Hidden Checkpoints.
- Up to $300 Worth of prizes to be won.
- Lunch, bandanas and After-event BBQ provided.

Registration & Payment method:
Participants can either make payments :
- by card at the SSAA counter, the George OR
- by cash through treasurers of the respective clubs:
VISS (Tu 0421 841 592)
PPIA (Eric 0416 630 580)
MSA (Hanz 0450 068 698)
*Last date of payment is on the 14th of November

$10 for Members of PPIA Swinburne/MSA/VISS @ Swinburne
$20 for Non-Members

After payment, participants may register here:
1) I’m not a Swinburne student or currently registered under any of the organising clubs, can i still participate?
Sure you can! You’d have to pay the non-member price….or have you considered joining one of our clubs? ;)

2) Will there be any Halal or Vegetarian food on that day ?
Fo sure, we got that covered !

3) What should i bring on that day?
Some snacks and water to keep you going, a spare umbrella or raincoat and your game face :)

4) I have a question, How can i contact you?
You can either drop us a personal message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible or you can directly contact one of these dudes here:
0452410507 (Kyle)
0415526132 (Fakhri)
0423317260 (Aaron)
*This event caters to a limited number of participants and participants are guaranteed a spot on a first come first serve basis so be quick and we’ll see you at the race, champion.