1 year ago

14 October, 2016

New Law Seminar Room 102

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Come to New Law Seminar Room 102 this Friday to EXPERIENCE THE WORLD! AIESEC Sydney is excited to welcome you to our information session about our internship and volunteering opportunities.

Have the experience of a lifetime during this summer break with AIESEC. We offer global exchange programs to a plethora of destinations around the globe. Building your cultural understanding and leadership skills, our Global Citizen volunteering program aims to breed cross-cultural amalgamation and provide you with tangible leadership outcomes that can be applied to every-day aspects of your life.

Alternatively, if you are in your penultimate or final year and are wishing to accumulate industry experience before you ultimately enter the Australian workforce, AIESEC’s Global Talent program provide a medium to long-term exchange matching you to a partnered organisation around the world. As business is international in scope in the current global paradigm, the Global Talent internship program, is the ideal opportunity to spend extended time abroad and develop skills working in leading organisations that can be applied in the future.

Come and join us in learning more about what AIESEC does as a youth organisation, the range of exchange programs we offer, and the personal qualities we look for in our exchange participants.

At the event, we will also explain what we offer in our exchange programs, including the services we provide and will deliver answers to any pressing questions that you may have. The session will end with networking amongst other AIESEC members, with the opportunity to book a consultancy chat detailing your next global exchange!

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We look forward to meeting you all!