1 year ago

13 October, 2016

Eastern Avenue, the University of Sydney

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Summer is quickly approaching! You are looking forward to the 3 month break and yet, you have no plans. Yep… this is the moment you realise you’re going to waste it like every other 3 month holidays before you.

Don’t imagine a ‘tomorrow’ where you’re just slouched on the couch and watching movies. Imagine a ‘tomorrow in Taiwan’ where summer isn't just a series of days on the couch - summer can be six weeks of discovery, adventures, and actually being purposeful (i.e. no couch potato).

Take the time, whether it be 5 or 30 minutes, to come down to our stall on Eastern Avenue on Thursday 13th October from 11am-2pm. Get on down and have a taste of Taiwan!

Learn about the different opportunities that await you, the different skills you learn, the different places you’ll visit and above all, the different types of people you’ll leave a long-lasting impact on. Above all, think about how a few weeks in Taiwan could end up shaping your life more than you could ever imagine.

Trust us.