1 year ago

23 September, 2016

Alumbra Fridays

Organised by:
Asian Association

The sun sets, and the sky darkens, another autumn night awaits. As you wander through the lifeless streets a glistening reflection catches your eye. You are struck by the sight of a full moon. Amazed at the sight, you decide to make your way towards the harbour for a better view.
As the skyline opens up, you are met with the captivating sight of the full moon illuminating the dimly lit harbour…Out of the corner of your eye, a row of red lanterns swaying in the breeze intrigues your curiosity. You follow them to an entrance, where you are gracefully greeted by a stunning young lady “Welcome to the Mid-Autumn Nights”.

RAA and ACYA RMIT are proud to present 'Mid-Autumn Nights', a cocktail night to celebrate the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival. Also known as the Mooncake Festival, this tradition is a celebration of gratification and togetherness.

Upon arrival guests will be treated with a free drink and mooncake. There will be all sorts of LIVE PERFORMANCES throughout the night, from instrumental performances to singing and even dancing. We have also arranged a special Lion Dance from the Hung Gar Yau Shu Martial Arts School (HGYS) for the night, which will surely entertain you as the night goes on.

Canapés will be provided throughout the night, so you can nibble on something whilst enjoying the amazing display put on by our performers.

There will be an after party held at precinct following the conclusion of the event, so that you can continue partying with your friends! Free entry will be provided for all patrons.

☆ DATE: Friday 23rd September

☆ VENUE: Alumbra/Precinct Fridays

☆ TIME: 7:00PM

☆ DRESSCODE: Cocktail Attire

☆ TICKET PRICES: Members: $20 / Non-Members: $25

Contact your favourite RAA or ACYA reps!