1 year ago

23 August, 2016

ABS 2240

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Marketing students: what's on your bucket list that you haven't checked off yet? A trip to India, a work placement overseas or learning a new language?

Whatever it may be, AIESEC Sydney invites you to come to our event and find out more about the life-changing experience you could have on an AIESEC marketing internship.

You could be working in a start up in India, or working with a professional team in a medium sized company in China.

Personalise your exchange experience to fit your bucket list: what skills do you want to learn, what experiences do you want to have and more importantly, where do you want to go?

We'll help you explore your strengths and weaknesses, explain how a Global Talent internship can help you reach your personal goals and give you an opportunity to personalise your exchange experience to suit your needs.

Come join us at 1pm on Tuesday 23 August at Abercrombie Business School Seminar Room 2240 and find out what Global Talent experience lies in store for you!

Register NOW at https://goo.gl/forms/hnwlS8CjsxTOy03H2! Places are limited!