2 years ago

25 May, 2016

Holme Reading Room

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"You can escape reality, but they cannot"

What travels the world but stays in one corner? Escape room. That's right, AIESEC is bringing to you USYD's very own escape room!

Inherently, individuals by potential and by passion are leaders in their own right. Don't let this potential be hampered by the surmounting assessments coming up, nor the looming finals just around the corner. Don't wait. Explore this potential. Escape your troubles with our escape room. Keep in mind that whilst you can escape from such troubles, many cannot. *Hinthint*

Whether you're a master of riddles, an advocate of SDGs or just someone wishing to kill 30 minutes of their day, our escape room is calling your name.

Join us for an intense, enjoyable and thought-Provoking 30 mins you'll ever experience. The time is now for you to sign up!
Gather up to 6 of your friends, fill out the registration form below and join us on the 25th May 2016 for some unparalleled FUN!

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