3 years ago

25 August, 2015


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AIESEC’s Global Talent is an internship program.

However it's not just any ordinary internship program, it’s not the generic summer at a domestic firm, it's not just something that looks good on paper. It's something that will make you a leader on a global platform.

Internships are available across 125 countries. They range from the young and gunning start-up companies, to leading multinationals with a specific emphasis on India, Indonesia and China.

Working in a different country is more than just a change in time zone. The personal, cultural and professional opportunities of global experience are literally endless.

Join us on this occasion as we open your mind up to what you can achieve, what projects & work placements are available, and where AIESEC can take you! Whether you're a First year student or in your Final year, an AIESEC Global Talent Internship will put you ahead of the competition.

WHEN: Tuesday 25th August, Thursday 27th August
TIME: 3:30PM - 5:00PM
WHERE: Tuesday 25th August: 8.9.41
Thursday 27th August: 10.08.03

Register your attendance at: http://bit.ly/jumpstartmycareer

To find out more info head to: http://www.aiesecaustralia.org/globaltalent/