3 years ago

8 September, 2015

RMIT University (10.08.04)

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Power through Asia with AIESEC!

Dedicate yourself to a 6 months to 1 year internship with business start-ups of your choice. Choose from IT to Marketing or Teaching to Sales & Business Admin and develop professional working skills in a foreign cultural environment. Adapt to new work culture and lifestyle. Try take on extraordinary things which you never imagine yourself doing. Learn a new language even!

In 2015 AIESEC in Australia is making a big push towards students interning through our Asian neighbours, particularly India, Indonesia and Mainland China. These three counties are all emerging and economic powerhouses ready to take on a new wave of individuals who want to put themselves ahead of the competition!

Seize this opportunity of a lifetime.
Transform the monotonous to something adventurous!

WHEN: Tuesday 8th September, 3:30PM
WHERE: 10.08.04

Register your attendance at: http://bit.ly/powerthroughasia

Can't make it to this event? Book a coffee chat with one of our sales representatives: http://tinyurl.com/rmitinternships

For more info: http://www.aiesecaustralia.org/globaltalent/