3 years ago

26 June, 2015

Precinct Fridays

Organised by:
Asian Association

Seeing how mid year exams have just begun, Don't be too 'crushed' about how unprepared you are, because RAA and co-hosts MCCC will have you on your "Jerri" way to end this semester on an all time high.

Come join RAA & MCCC on the 26th of June for our EOX and Alumbra's last party before it goes into renovations to soon bring you a whole new feel to nights to come.

Get a feel of what it's like to literally be in a tradie's shoes and clothes as you show USA based import model Jeri Lee where the party is at!

On top of that, show your sexy graphite 2015 RAA membership cards and get free entry alongside a free basic spirit before 10:30pm!

For more information, contact your favourite RAA representative!

<3 RAA