3 years ago

18 August, 2015

A'beckett Urban Square

Organised by:
Asian Association

The weather is slowly warming up and moving away from that terribly cold July, so take this opportunity and come join us to kick back, relax and meet some mates before the exciting and upcoming Pirates of the CaRAAbbean Boat Cruise! RAA will be having a BBQ next week, Tuesday 18th of August from 11AM to 3PM in the A'Beckett Square basketball courts! Plenty of yummy snags (with onions!!!) for everyone, but if you get there early, we'll be handing out plenty of Red Bull cans and Coke cans to get you through the rest of the week! Free for members, and only $1 for non-members, so bring all your mates along to where we'll be! See y'all there!

<3 RAA