3 years ago

18 September, 2015

Dan O'Connell Hotel

Organised by:
International Student Association

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the smartest of them all?

Is it the fresh minds of the first years? The grizzled experience of the honours students? The extreme intelligence of the third years? Surely the endlessly optimistic second years? Will it be a mixture of these groups? Or... will it be the seasoned reason of the Professorial staff?


Due to popular demand, the ISA is having a trivia night complete with food, prizes and all the trappings of a well-run event.

Teams must be made up of 5 people, so start messaging your pals and figuring out some hilarious team-names.

Cost of entry is $5, and that'll cover running costs, prizes and food!

All profits will go to a local non-for-profit organisation Anonymous X, so spend away you generous bastards!