2 years ago

4 May, 2016

International Student Lounge

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There's so much to do on our small planet. Whilst we explore and discover what's out there, we can also choose to do good.

AIESEC aims to develop your leadership through international exchange opportunities which will widen your perspective on the world. In order to bring the world to your footstep, we have partnered with Vsa USyd, Usyd Tsa, PPIA University of Sydney,Wasabi Usyd, Ekansh Sydney University Indian Cultural Society, and Sydney University Pakistani Culture Appreciation Society to showcase the culture of your next destination at the AIESEC Culture Expo 2016.

This is a wonderful opportunity to know more about each countries' food, culture, language, and tradition. More information will be posted soon!

You also have the opportunity to take it beyond the samples by checking out how you can impact the world through the projects you can do this winter!

To find out more, come to our event at the International Student Lounge (ISL) on May the 4th from 10 am til 4 pm :)