1 year ago

17 March, 2017

Log Cabin Camp

Organised by:
Asian Association


Trump may have closed America's borders this year, but RAA opens its borders this year bigger than ever. We are proud to invite you all to RAA CAMP: BORDER SECURAATY 2017, open up your individual borders and let us take you on a journey never to be forgotten, come dress up, dine and drink with us as we sing, piss and get lit til sunrise.

All that stress from the year before, all that stress from your Asian parents yelling at your second band English marks, all that stress from being contained within the borders of high school for 6 years shall be all relieved upon the kick start of this journey.

Let us start this uni year TOGETHER and UNITED. Join the famRAAly in making it a year never to be forgotten. Break your borders, push pass your comfort zone and abolish any insecurities you have as we take this chance together.

Join us in unleashing your inner cop, doctor, army commando or strip down as a fireman. Lets get down and dirty, commandos, lets get lit, firemen, and cops, lets get up close and personal.
No RAAgrets for this year, join us jaffies xxx. Make 2017 your year.

****************Event details*****************

Date: 17th-19th of March
Price: $150 members/$160 non members
location: Log Cabin Camp
$50 deposit ( cash only and non refundable)

Sign up to camp during our O week OR express your interest to your favourite committee member

2nd of March 11am-2pm @ Alumni Courtyard

27th/28th Feb and 1st/3rd March: ground floor Building 80 RMIT Swanson St
Times TBA