3 years ago

4 June, 2015


Organised by:
Norwegian Students (NorSK)

Busy procrastinating on Facebook while you really should be studying for your exams or write those god awful 40, 50 and 60% assignments? Good, that means you'll love this party!

NorSK is inviting you to celebrate that the semester is coming to an end… and since we all love our ‘little’ Facebook sessions, why not bring Facebook to the party?! …no smartphones required.

On June 4th, wall posts will be hand-written, pokes will be real and liking someone/something will be shown through your own ‘thumbs up’.

All you have to do is wear a white T-shirt (that you’re willing to sacrifice, you'll find $5 ones at target) and join us for all night drink specials at Down Under Bar! Get yourself a permanent marker so you can write lovely and totally meaningful quotes on the shirts of friends and strangers alike. The event is absolutely free, anyone can come, and if you're a NorSK member, we might have some end-of-semester gifts for you...

So, let’s put ourselves ‘Offline’ and get socialising!