2 years ago

14 November, 2015


Organised by:
Norwegian Students (NorSK)

OH YEAH, it's that time of year again!

Exams are FINALLY coming to an end, and we're all feeling those summer vibes! And what is the first thing we do when we're finally DONE and have the prospect of up to 4 months of laziness in front of us...? We get on Facebook and concoct a #summer #examsDONE #freedooooooom #YOLO!!!! status of course! But why not take it a step further..?

All you have to do is sacrifice a white t-shirt/top of some kind ('cause you won't be able to wear it again after this night for sure!), and meet up at Down Under Bar on Saturday November 14th at 7:30pm!

Grab a permanent marker, throw your name on the shirt, and BOOM - you have your 'Facebook Profile'! Then all you have left to do is rock up and enjoy a night full of drink specials, quotes, drawings, real-life 'pokes', real-life 'likes' (either through your own "thumbs up", or grabbing someone and making out in the corner...) and awesome people!

As this time of year means time to say goodbye to good friends and the wonderful life in Oz to many of our members, this is the perfect way to get together and end the semester with a BANG! And - you will have a t-shirt FULL of memories to take with you too!

So, let's put ourselves 'Offline' and get socialising!!


- Yes, the event starts at 7.30pm. The whole week will be mental at every bar around the city as people are finishing exams. All places will therefore fill up early! We have done the Offline FB party several times before, and every time the line has been halfway down the street before 10.00pm. Do yourself a favour and be there early! Maybe there will even be some surprises for those coming in between 7.30-9pm....

- NO writing on the walls at Down Under Bar, if you're caught doing so you will be asked to leave the venue and will not be able to re-enter.

- NorSK cards will not work on entry as everyone in front of you in the line will have a NorSK card as well. If you show up late, and there's a line, the only way to get in is by lining up. By coming early you won't have to line up.

- Bring ID!