3 years ago

20 September, 2015

Urban Climb

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It is finally time for the second semester inter-club social boulder comp! We know you've all been hanging out for it since the very second the last boulder comp ended so wait no longer!

Sunday 20th of September, 6pm at Urban Climb. Be there with $10 in your hot little hands (All profits to the ACAQ) to compete. All skill and experience levels welcome! There will be plenty of problems catered to anyone who wants to compete.

Sign up in the google doc at this link : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fMB8DaRxNDGffgKsbP-bNVSiAQZH6oKwOhELLM6YMN4/edit?usp=sharing

Please sign up before Saturday 19th if you can so we know how many problems to set!


Quick rundown of the comp format:

Competitors will be evenly split into groups at various stations across the gym, where there will be three different problems of varying difficulties. Problems will be worth either 1, 2 or 3 points depending on difficulty. Groups will then have a set amount of time at each station, and rotate until every group has visited each station.

Points will be given per person for the hardest problem they send at each station, and winners will be crowned in each category (Mens and Womens- A & B)!

Invite your friends and see you all there!