2 years ago

18 May, 2016

QUT GP, X Block Level 2 Guild Meeting Room

Organised by:
Norwegian Students (NorSK)

The semester is coming to an end, and we're closing in on the point where we have to elect the people that are going to steer QUT's best social club towards further greatness. So if you've enjoyed our events so far, why not take it one step further and join the board?

The general meeting will be held on Wednesday, QUT GP, X Block Level 2 Guild Meeting Room, Pizzas will be ordered so people can eat and have a good time while we elect next year's awesome new board members. All current members are invited to vote and run for positions!

As every other semester, all positions are up for grabs:

PR Manager
Board Member
Board Member


To be on the board you must be a student at QUT. all positions are up for grabs, everyone is welcome! You do not need to run for a position if you show up. However, to vote you must be a NorSK member, and to run for positions you must be a QUT student as we are affiliated with the QUT Student Guild.

Voting process:

Each position is voted on one by one. Should only one person run for a position, then that person will be elected by default.

If two or more people are running for a position, each person will be entitled to hold a very short “speech” on why they deserve the position, while the rival candidates leave the room. Voting is conducted by ballot, and the votes are then confidentially counted, and the person with the most votes is announced as newly elected for the respective position.

Being on the board is a great way to meet new people! You’re required to attend weekly meetings and help out and/or be in charge of events. This is regardless of whether you’re a designer, treasurer, or whatnot, everyone has a say in hosting events and stamping your mark in our club.

The meeting is quite informal. Meet up and join us, you will not regret it!