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looking for RMIT notes and assessment

2 days ago

Introduction to Macroeconomics

Great study guide!

1 month ago


C Maps were not only a waste of time but took up time that could and should have been spent learning...

5 months ago


Definitely my favourite subject so far, you get to really get into it and get your hands dirty.

5 months ago


Not for people who don’t want to read a lot .. requires understanding of the legal terms .. language...

5 months ago


Completely Theoretical Unit Assessment was to make comparison between different nations to conduct...

5 months ago


Most Tough unit Requires understanding and usage of spreadsheets A lot of effort required to lear...

5 months ago


Need a detailed reading and a lot of understanding of computer jargons Required a lot of work due...

5 months ago


The beginners unit for Professional Accounting but not easy for non accounting background people

5 months ago


The tutor provided exam questions to prepare before exam

5 months ago


The tutor provided us the exam questions to prepare before exam

5 months ago


So, I'm counting this at Fairy Tales and Other Forms because the subjects aren't actually titled. I...

6 months ago


I wasn't a fan of this course. I found it dull, and I disliked the lecturer's teaching style

6 months ago


I loved this course, and Laurie made it easier with optional on-campus meetups in Toowoomba. It was...

6 months ago


I must admit, this wasn't my favourite subject, but that doesn't mean it wasn't interesting!

9 months ago


This was my first dive into the world of Economics, so I was beyond afraid! The teaching staff were...

9 months ago


The content may be a little heavy, but the staff are a great support system that makes everything ma...

9 months ago


The lecturers are beyond helpful! They make the daunting leap into the unknown much less scary

9 months ago


Principles of Ecology is a foundation subject that will be used in order to enhance knowledge in oth...

9 months ago

SPA 217

Remote sensing is critical in the bulk of many environmental applications. The subject of remote sen...

9 months ago


doesn,t teach me anything i didnt already know but now i have a name for it heh heh

9 months ago


Tough, but very organised website and teaching team made it a little easier.

9 months ago


Not the most interesting subject, but the course coordinator (slash tutor, for me) was very helpful,...

9 months ago


Excellent course coordinator, tutor was just a pleasure, both really knowledgeable and helpful. Bori...

9 months ago