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I loved studying this unit. It was very challenging to be sure. But very keyed towards my interested...

1 day ago


Could be so much better given the interesting subject matter .... poor quality lecture notes and inc...

2 weeks ago


Horrible lecturer. Very condescending and refuses to give advice. He is obsessed with how wonderful...

3 weeks ago


Concepts are easily to understand. Content level is manageable. Exam was extremely straight forward....

1 month ago


A fantastic, hands on subject. Manufacturing was my favourite part of this subject, getting to make...

2 months ago


Very interesting content (but there is A LOT of it) so you need to keep on top of it. The assignment...

4 months ago


Similar to accounting 1 but just a bit boring with the theory part.

5 months ago


C Maps were not only a waste of time but took up time that could and should have been spent learning...

7 months ago


Definitely my favourite subject so far, you get to really get into it and get your hands dirty.

7 months ago


Interesting subject and can be a bit challenging at times. However the exam was similar to past pape...

1 year ago

SPA 217

Remote sensing is critical in the bulk of many environmental applications. The subject of remote sen...

1 year ago


Tough, but very organised website and teaching team made it a little easier.

1 year ago


Totally boring subject, not the problem at all. Well organised course website is the only positive....

1 year ago


The subject provides students with essential knowledge and skills required to consolidate their math...

1 year ago


Easy!!! Just understand the basic of account

1 year ago


I liked this unit, it had great video to watch weekly that made it easier to understand

1 year ago


Great Lecturer and Tutor; However Ethics is very subjective and that makes it difficult to put into...

1 year ago


This is a super easy course. It'll be very tempting to skip the lectures and the tutorials, but it's...

1 year ago

Contract Law

Practical subject but a bit dry to study - this area makes more sense in practice than in theory. Co...

1 year ago

Marketing Research & Analysis

This gives a useful introduction to research methodology and reliability issues in research design....

1 year ago


Via correspondence can be challenging however can complete in own timeframe to juggle work/life bala...

1 year ago


Good information but the teaching was unclear

1 year ago


Amazing course that would increase your communication skills vastly. It also has a critical thinking...

1 year ago


This is great for people who haven't got any experience in Harvard referencing and is taught at St....

1 year ago

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